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What's your #?

- Josh Brolin in Wall Street 2


“What is true?”

Damion Lupo - "Reinvented Life"


Who is Damion?

American Sensei, Financial Mentor to the new 1%. Author of 7 books and accelerated learning programs for financial and spiritual mastery.


3,000,000 people shifted from financial fear to Financial Freedom.  

I see a new 1% in America.  I believe we have an inalienable right to live free unbound by financial shackles of uncertainty and chaos bred by a system of corruption and cronyism.  I believe it is time to dig deep and trust our instincts, to find our voice and our power.  It's time to be free.


I believe every human has a life of freedom and joy awaiting once it breaks free from the confusion and chaos of financial illiteracy. By studying and applying my teachings and by answering the questions I ask that tap the inner guru inside every man and woman, we have the chance to tap into the space where all answers lie.

To inspire and empower every willing soul towards financial freedom and abundance through lessons, insights gained from 20 years of martial arts study, trench warfare and financial training wealth creation.

My love for you, my student and belief in you, along with your willingness to step into the transformation process I've created will trigger your transformation and tap into your hibernating power, waiting for the trigger to build the confidence to design, develop and control your financial future and your life.

My ultimate mission is to empower you to move from Victim to being the Victor of your life.

It is my deepest hope and desire that my mission will guide you from financial scarcity, fear and chaos into a life of wealth, hope and happiness.

My books, videos and learning programs are designed for you if you're ready to take action and to be accountable. I believe in you and know you can create a rich life by DESIGN instead of a poor life of DEFAULT.  The key is you being ALL in on and self responsible.

Wealth is a choice. My life is dedicated to inspiring you to be Financially Free.

I'm here to help YOU create financial freedom starting with personal financial mastery.




"Life is Complicated, the truth is not."

-Damion Lupo


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