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ReInvented Life

The True story of how I built a $20,000,000 fortune from scratch in my 20’s and then lost it all because of ego, greed and speed.

The Reinvention was an inside out process of moving into truth and the tools and strategies I used and I share with you in the book to Reinvent your life.

Crazy stories and fun tales of my life from behind the curtain


Total control guide to the qrp

Have a rollover 401(k) and not sure what to do… this is your answer

Your step by step guide to taking total checkbook control of your 401(k) rollover funds.  Do something productive and stop getting screwed by Wall Street and the Big Money Managers.

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The Quick & Dirty Guide to Gold & Silver

The Definitive guide to Investing and Hedging in Gold and Silver for anyone who’s brand new all the way to a maverick.  You’ll learn what you need to know to invest profitably and not get ripped off.