People Transformed.

Most keynote addresses and group seminars don’t leave a lasting impact on their audiences. Even if the speaker is talented and the content is excellent, there’s something missing that ultimately makes these talks forgettable.

Vulnerable Experience

The overwhelming majority of speakers simply aren’t intimately connected to the ideas and concepts they discuss. They’re well-versed in the subject matter, but their expression of the material lacks conviction and falls short of making their audiences feel inspired and empowered.

But that’s what's different: reinventing and rewiring the thinking to have a different life isn't a process I thought up. 

It's a process I lived, studied and documented with my partner Chris Ashby.

We've experienced incredible highs and devastating lows. We've made – and lost – tens of millions of dollars. We've owned a private jet and we lived out of our cars. We’ve worked prestigious jobs on Wall Street and dirty, back-breaking menial jobs doing clean-up work at meat markets. And when we finally faced the uncomfortable truths of our lives, we reinvented ourselves like Phoenixes rising from the ashes.

We have a deep and heartfelt connection to our message, one that is palpable in our live appearances. When we work with groups, we leverage the hard-earned wisdom we gained from our experiences to help people make lasting positive changes in their personal and professional lives.

THE Approach

As speakers and seminar leaders, we escort our audiences on a journey into a new mind and help them find the clarity they need to transform their lives from mediocre to extraordinary. We lead programs on topics such as:

  • How to Live an Abundant Life, beyond the fluff into the foundation
  • Leveraging Strengths & Delegating Weaknesses
  • The 15% up front plan that guarantees 85% success – Multiplied Productivity
  • Going All In: Why a 1% Difference in Effort Guarantees a Tenfold Increase in Results
  • The Power of a Think-Team, (not just your team)
  • Achieving Mastery & Maximizing Success
  • The Ultimate Game-Changer: Programmable Habits & Un-Habits
  • Hitting the Reset Button with Transformational Travel

The Benefits

Your group will experience immediate benefits from our programs including:

  • Tools for uncovering the lies that are holding them back in life
  • Concrete steps to achieve happiness and financial wealth (simultaneously)
  • Awareness of the pot holes, land mines, and mistakes that can derail their progress – and veteran advice on how to avoid them
  • A newfound motivation and a willingness to take full responsibility for personal and corporate reinvention
  • An understanding of exactly what it takes to move their lives to the next level of achievement and fulfillment
  • An impassioned, inspiring and transformational educational experience that will stay with them for years

The Next Step

If you’re interested in scheduling a Reinvention or Financial Mastery talk or seminar for your group or event, please schedule a time to speak with us by clicking the “Schedule” button below to share the details of your event and inquire about availability. Looking forward to working with you.

With Gratitude,

Damion & Chris

Speaking Fees start at $12,000