A transformation experience of carefully creating and clarifying a life plan, executing the plan and being held accountable to it by a master with execution intelligence, emotional and spiritual depth and a relentless devotion to your success.


Only thing that can set you free.

The Truth.

The first step is to dive deep into the truth.  We'll spend a full day going deep into you.  We'll tackle your beliefs and your numbers because your believes create your numbers and your numbers tell a story. 

This is only for the committed. Numbers don't lie and we'll diagnose the cancers of your life and and kill them, one by one until you're a specimen of health, wealth and freedom.  


Pain. Pleasure. Pursuit. Of excellence.  Anyone who's ever had a coach that sees more in you than you do understand accountability.  Someone believing in you beyond what you can even see and holding you to that vision no matter what because you are meant to be great, you are meant to be a light for the world.


Financial freedom is not a number, a bank balance or even a certain amount of cashflow that's greater than your expenses. It's helpful to escape survival but it's not freedom.

Freedom is the confidence you get by developing a muscle that can never be taken away from you, a muscle that allows you to create on demand for life.  That is freedom.  That is what we'll build during mentoring.